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Yelp Reviews

Christina B.

I have never felt so welcomed and relaxed at a dentist office. Everyone here is so friendly and accommodating. They really make you feel apart of them. They are beyond willing to make sure you are comfortable and always take the time to understand your needs and expectations. Even my 2 year old son who accommodated me to every visit loves going in there. He asks for Laci whom is wonderful aka a dental assistant there by name as soon as we walk in. And she always takes the time to stop in to say hi and chat with him!! Dr Broughton is wonderful and Dr. Dunn is absolutely amazing. They truly are remarkable. And Jenette their in house denture lab lady is remarkable as well she has gone out of her way to make sure im happy and pleased. I could go on and on about how great this place is. I will continue to go here and now my whole family will too. My 2 yr old has also found a dental home to keep his little smile bright :)

Yelp Reviews

Tami M.

I just moved here 2wks ago from California. A piece of my tooth came out Sunday I called late Monday afternoon spoke with Amy (she was fabulous) she got me an appointment first thing Tuesday! I went today and met Elysia (she was fabulous too) they were able to get the inital issue taken care of as well as two other teeth that needed help and a cleaning!

I have never been a fan of dentist they scare me! But from the second I walked in every staff member made me feel welcome and they all made sure my experience was second to none!!! Is it weird im looking forward to going back lol!

Thank you All!

Yelp Reviews

Loretta L.

We just moved to the area and needed to find a dentist. Thanks to all the other reviewers! You were correct that Light Dental Studios deserves a 5 star rating. My husband and I arrived for our exams and cleanings and barely waited 3 minutes before my husband was taken back for his appointment. I was brought back right on time also. I had been having trouble with a particular tooth that my old dental office couldn't seem to fix. Within 5 minutes, Dr Broughton saw that the tooth was cracked and needed a crown. I was elated that the office could do it the same day.

The whole staff; hygienists, doctors(saw 3 of them), and front end people, all told me what they were going to do before they did it and what other options were available. Through the whole process, every one of them continually asked if I was okay and asked if there was anything they could do for me. The procedure didn't hurt a bit, thanks to the doctors listening to their patient. A rare find today.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and efficiency of this office.

Light Dental Studios of Puyallup, YOU ROCK!!

Yelp Reviews

Kimberly W.

I was very impressed with Dr. Trieu. When I first arrived to the clinic, the receptionist was on the phone, and Dr. Trieu happened to be at the front desk. She warmly welcomed me, and handed me the necessary paperwork I needed to fill out. I thought it was really cool that she helped her receptionist out like that, instead of just waiting until the receptionist could get to me. Once I was back in her chair, she was very easy to talk to and really took the time to ask questions, listen, and educate. When I told her I didn't floss daily, she didn't make me feel guilty or "lecture" like a lot of dentists seem to do, (haha.)

The staff is very friendly, and the office seems very high tech. I will be returning again for my next cleaning. It was the first time I Ieft a dental office actually smiling.

Yelp Reviews

Craig S.

Can't say enough good things about Light Dental. The staff are amazing, hours are flexible, they answer every question you have and work around hectic schedules to take care of you and then stand behind their work. Would never go anywhere else for dental needs.

Yelp Reviews

Otto R.

As some one that had some dental anxiety before the first visit, it was extremely important that the first visit goes well.I was helped over the phone by Amy who handles the scheduling. Then Katie who is the dentist's assistant took me to open area, where took some X-rays.

Dr Broughton then came in for the dental exam and then we talked about my plan of action in regards to several problem areas.

Through it all everyone was extremely friendly and caring. But you can tell the level of professionalism in the entire office. I have been back several times, honestly I think I have found my dentist for the foreseeable future.

Yelp Reviews

Teresa E.

After feeling so anxious to go to a different dentist, I was quickly eased by Amy who answered the phone. She was patient, kind and informative. I was able to get an appointment same day.

I was greeted by the receptionist and filled out a small amount of paperwork. I was quickly taken back and given a tour of the office, yep a tour. I felt like a VIP. The exam and x-rays started with the assistant Lacy and the fun began. We were laughing and joking in no time. Dr. Trieu came in and informed me of every step of action that would be taken. (I suspected I was going to need a root canal) After the exam, I was right, I needed a root canal. This was not my first, but she still informed me of all that would be needed to get me well. I was quickly presented with an estimate of charges, and lets just say, that was the best news I had heard all day. To give you a reference, I had a root canal done last year by a specialist and his bill was ALOT more expensive that Light Dental Studios. My estimate included the root canal, deep cleaning and a crown!!!!!! I felt like I had just ordered the value meal at taco bell.

In summary, if you are having doubts and or a chicken like me, do not hesitate to call Light Dental Studios. They were nothing short of amazing.

Yelp Reviews

Rachel S.

If you're looking for a dentist who's affordable but does excellent work, go here!!!

I don't have dental insurance but it wasn't an issue. They have cash only options where everything is very inexpensive. They dont treat you differently or give you "less than" quality or effort because you dont have insurance.

I work in healthcare and have seen how sometimes people without insurance or on DHSH, Medicaid, or Medicare get "handled" or treated different. I didn't get that experience. Everyone was awesome!

I had a filling from an old dental work Just fall out one day and they fixed it here.... x-rays and everything for under $200! That's incredible considering most places wont take you without insurance... and some places charge $500-700 a filling. (I paid $700 for the one that fell out!)

I waited a couple months before drafting this review to make sure I had no issues with the work, but I haven't. Its been great! The doctor and staff was great... and the doctor said he would guarantee his work for two years on that filling!

I recommend everyone go here! Finally a dental office that seem to care about their patients and the quality of their work MORE than the bottom line... if anyone ever asks for a dentist suggestion (its already happened with two of my friends) I will point them here!

Yelp Reviews

Jen B.

Dr. Broughton is the best dentist that I have ever been to. His work is immaculate and if something isn't just so- he'll re-do it, regardless of how long it took to do it in the first place. I have also seen Dr. Dunn and she is awesome! If you need a tooth pulled, go to her, she'll get it done in no time :) I have been going to them for years and the staff is great from the front office (Theresa & Amy) to the assistants (Katie) and the hygenists. They always call within 24 hrs of your appointment to make sure you're feeling okay if you've had a tooth pulled, etc.

They're like a family and you can tell they really care about you and what they do in how they treat you. Especially when you're cranky with a toothache...

Yelp Reviews

Chris A.

I was looking for a new dentists in the area, and bases on a review from yelp decided to give them a shot. From the time I walked in until I left everyone was very friendly and professional; the capper was at 6:30 the dentists made a follow up call to make sure I was happy with the experience. Customer service like this "should" be the standard; I have already reffered 3 people, and will continue.

Yelp Reviews

Melanie S.

Dr. Collins was amazing!! He took the time to really explain what I truly needed done and and in which order I should do them to give me the best results!! Emily did an amazing job at getting in there and scrubbing my teeth clean, some places were rather tender and she was very receptive when I told her so. Btittany was awesome and gave me a very warm, pleasant welcome. She didn't talk to me like I was just another patient but really got to know me as a person. I will HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a dentist!! Thanks for the awesome time, y'all rock!!

Yelp Reviews

Michael Y.

I recently had my exam and cleaning here and was very impressed. The staff were very friendly and professional. The hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth and I lived to tell the story :) The dentist who saw me was also great. When I called to get an appointment, I talked directly to the dentist who got me in the same day for both the exam and the cleaning. I was in and out in about 45 minutes!

Yelp Reviews

Gary F.

This is a awesome place. I feel very comfortable there. Everybody there is very professional and caring. Dr. Collins and the staff do a wonderful job! I would highly recommend them.

Yelp Reviews

Amy G.

I've been going to light dental for about a year and a half now and I have never been disappointed with them, they are friendly and helpful and always do whatever they can to help with whatever problems I may have, I definitely would recommend them to anyone that needs dental service!

Google Reviews


This is not only the best dentist office, but the best medical office I've ever been to. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, the facilities are pleasant, and the work they do is top notch. I seriously just had a painless filling. It was amazing.

Google Reviews

Andrew L.

Just moved to town and had a tooth bothering me. Got there and realized I didn't have dental insurance. They worked me and gave me a discount for the checkup. Explained really well why I was having sensitivity after having my wisdom teeth out at a different dentist a few months back out of state. I would go back if we were staying in town.

Google Reviews

Donna H.

I was refered here by a friend and was NOT disappointed! They are friendly and caring. My son had 2 small cavities and during his visit one of the assistants came out and let me know he was doing very well. I am so happy with their service and they are very up front with telling you what it will cost and that they will bill your insurance and everything else! Love this place!

Google Reviews

Molly D.

I was so scared of dentists, denture clinics, and orthodontists but Dr. Broughton got rid of that fear and his gentleness never ceases to surprise me. He really puts his patients needs before his own and even came in to see me on a Saturday because I was in so much pain I don't think I would have made it to Monday. I recommend Light Dental Studio to everyone and anyone looking for a good dentist. I've had a great experience.

Google Reviews

Christina H.

I have been with Dr. Broughton since he very first started approximately 25 years ago.The staff at Light Dental Studios have been great. Dr. Broughton is the only dentist or orthodontist I will ever go to. Nothing hurts at this dental clinic and I grew up in the days of big drills and even bigger needles. I highly recommend the dental services at Light Dental Studios.

Google Reviews

Roderick F.

I hate the dentist. Usually you go in for an exam, they say you need a lot of work done and then try to schedule a year later to get your problems fixed. The thing is, I'm not coming back in a year. That's why I really appreciated the service I got at Light Dental in Lakewood. I hadn't been to the dentist in about seven years, I show up and they tell me I have a bunch of cavities (which I had expected) and the good doctor told me he had some spare time and asked if I wanted to get them filled then and there, and that was after the hygienist told me she had time to clean my teeth. Seriously, the best dentist I have ever been to. If you're like me and just need to rip your dental work off like a band-aid and get it over with, this is the place for you. I didn't even have to fill out my insurance information, I just told the nice lady at the desk my policy number and she told me not to worry about it. They also discussed with me the cost of any work my insurance wouldn't fully cover before they did anything. They even give you sunglasses so you don't have to look at the light when they are working, genius! Just stop looking for a dentist and go here, you won't regret it.

Facebook Reviews

Elaine A.

Dear Light Dental Studio, Thank you ao very much for sharing your talent, expertise, and compassion! Your generosity is unmatched. Thank you again and again for your service.

Facebook Reviews

Linda M.

Soooo incredibly blessed by the loving ministry of Light dental studios. Gordy and I are so thankful we came to the free dental clinic you provided for those in need. We had been praying for relief for Gordys dental pain. God answered our prayers when we walked thru your doors.....and when we left we were utterly amazed by your HUGE generosity. We have now become cheerleaders for Light Dental...that's a good thing. Thanking God for ALL OF YOU

Facebook Reviews

Alissa J.

Your team of dentists & small army of volunteers touched hundreds of lives today... giving an ever bigger reason to SMILE - THANK YOU!


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What People Are Saying

I have never felt so welcomed and relaxed at a dentist office. Everyone here is so friendly and accommodating. They really make you feel apart of them. They are beyond willing to make sure you are comfortable and always take the time to understand your needs and expectations.

Christina B. From Yelp

I have never been a fan of dentist they scare me! But from the second I walked in every staff member made me feel welcome and they all made sure my experience was second to none!!! Is it weird im looking forward to going back!

Tami M. From Yelp

Through the whole process, every one of them continually asked if I was okay and asked if there was anything they could do for me. The procedure didn't hurt a bit, thanks to the doctors listening to their patient. A rare find today. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and efficiency of this office!

Loretta L. From Yelp

Amazing! Had an emergency, walked into their office, BOOM! Instantly taken care of and was provided with some of the best care I have ever experienced. Staff is friendly and genuine and their fun! My teeth will definitely see brighter days with this crew!

Nicole M. From Google +

I am kind of a fearful patient. They talk to me and treat me like a person explain everything well. They are reassuring, and let me know if I need a break. They manage my fear.

Andy L. From Google +

Light Dental seems to be much more efficient, with up to date tools and technology than other places my friends go to. I am happy to find a place that can handle both kids and adults, and make our dental experiences easy, and stress free.

Flaig K. From Google +

Great place to go to have your dental experience. I'm relocating to another state and I'm considering flying back to the state of Washington to see this dental office for any future work, cleaning or recommendations. I trust this place and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Leif Q. From Google +

The doctor and the staff are very courteous and extremely professional. They do everything they can to make me feel comfortable during my appointments.

Donna M. From Google +

I am very happy with their services they provide me. I have been to several other dentists but they are the best, I really enjoy my visits in their office.

Owen T. From Google +