Dr. Alan Yassin

Board Certified Periodontist
Dental implants & Oral Surgery

Dr. Yassin
  • Periodontist
  • Diplomat German Association of Dental Implantology
  • International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
Dr. Yassin is a dental surgeon that is dual trained in both Periodontics and International Oral Surgery, only 1 in 7 dentists in the United States carrying expertise in both fields.

His full-time practice at Light Dental Studios is limited to Dental Implants, Esthetics and Regenerative Periodontics (Gum Surgeries) and Oral/Dental Surgery.

Influenced by his father as a doctor and his older sister as a dentist; Dr. Yassin knew that he wanted to be a dental surgeon when he was 14 and worked hard to achieve his goal!

He graduated from Dental school in 2001 top 5 in his class where he was on the dean’s list for his outstanding academic performance. In 2006 he conducted his Master’s degree thesis on 3D radiological diagnosis while attending 5-year hospital-based residency program in Oral and maxillofacial Surgery where he received training alongside medical residents in internal medicine, general surgery, anesthesiology, and spend time in otolaryngology, plastic surgery, emergency medicine and other specialty areas.

While he maintained his oral surgery private practice for 8 years performing facial trauma surgeries, orthognathic plastic surgeries, tumors of the face and jaws, wisdom teeth extractions and other oral surgeries; he felt the need of enhancing his knowledge in dental implants field so he attended a German dental implant training program with the German Association of Dental Implantology DGZI; leading to become a diplomate in the German Board of Oral Implantology in 2010.

Dr. Yassin decided to improve his skills in the plastic oral surgery and gum diseases field so he continued his higher education with studying periodontal surgery at the prestigious 3 years specialty program of the University of Washington obtaining his second Master’s degree in 2017 where he received the International Exchange Award from the University of Washington and the academic achievement scholarship from Student Aid International, and finally was honored to represent the whole School of Dentistry at the UW graduation commencement ceremony 2017.

His Master’s thesis titled: “Hyaluronan-CD44 Interactions Mediate Contractility and Migration in Periodontal Ligament Cells” is a unique and pioneer research that studies methods of preventing and treating periodontal disease; which was added to many different other research projects in the fields of periodontics, Maxillofacial surgery and dental implants that he has been participating with.

Dr. Yassin has completed nine additional full years of postgraduate dental education in formal university programs over and above the average dental graduate for a total of 15 years of higher education after graduating from high school as a valedictorian.

As he is a continuous learner with nonstop attendance of continuing education courses and academic conferences; he is also committed to his teaching passion, sharing his knowledge with his students and colleagues. From being a clinical Professor at the Oral Surgery Department in Ibn Alnafis Hospital/Damascus, to his recent positon as an affiliate faculty at the Periodontics Department of the UW, beside lecturing on Esthetics and Implant Surgery as an invited speaker at both national and international meetings and conferences. Dr. Yassin is so active in teaching dental surgery and implants globally through extensive online courses and webinars as well. Dr. Yassin has several publications and articles in refereed and in peer-reviewed journals, as well he serves as a reviewer in many academic journals: Journal of Periodontology, Clinical advances in Periodontics, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and he is member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Dentistry and Oral Health.

Whether you are in need for: Teeth extractions, Dental Implants, Gingival (Gum) grafts, Wisdom Teeth Extractions, Sinus surgery, Bone grafting, Full mouth Teeth in one day implant therapy, Accelerated Orthodontics; or any other surgical procedure... Dr. Yassin will make sure to study your case carefully with the perfect interdisciplinary team of dentists at Light Dental Studios in order to propose the best treatment plan for your case and to provide an efficient and less traumatic methods to obtain great, long lasting results.

Dr. Yassin says: “I am so honored to be in this position since 2001 where I can provide those patients who fully trust me with the best services available, avoiding surgical actions whenever possible” Away from his professional life, Dr. Yassin spends the quality time with the family and enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, playing soccer, singing, and photography with his wife Layla (Who is a clinical professor at the department of Oral surgery in the University of Washington) and his 6 years old son Medo.

Dr. Yassin is currently an active member of
International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Washington State Dental Association

American Academy of Periodontology

Pierce County Dental Society

American Dental Association

Academy of Osseointegration

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

International Congress of Oral Implantologist

German Association of Dental Implantology

Seattle King County Dental Society

Washington State Society of Periodontists

International Team for Implantology

Western Society of Periodontology