Dr. T. L. Leonard

Dr. T. L. Leonard Dr. T. L. Leonard graduated from the University of Washington dental school and has practiced in the Auburn area for over 40 years. Dr. Leonard takes his time and listens to all his patients’ needs. He is honest and conservative in his treatment planning. He is a member of the Washington State Dental Society, the American Dental Association, the Washington State Dental Association, the Tacoma Implant Study Club and other professional study groups in the area.

Dr. Leonard came to the Auburn area in 1969. He served as director of the Auburn School District for over 30 years. For years Dr. Leonard has been a leading dentist in the Auburn area. We do a wide variety of dental procedures, such as, root canal, crown and bridge, oral surgery, implant restoration, composite fillings, dentures and partials, TMJ/bruxism and Invisalign.

He is married with eight children and 22 grandchildren. In his spare time, Dr. Leonard enjoys golfing, sculpting and studying history, in fact, he just finished getting his graduate degree in archaeology.

Dr. Leonard is an active member of
American Dental Association

Washington State Dental Association