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Here at Light Dental Studios of Lacey in Lacey, we have an in-house denture laboratory, with skilled technicians who make all dentures right here in our dental office.

Working together, we can find solutions to Denture problems

Same Day Service, Custom Fitting, Low Cost, and Fast Service!

Dental needs as we age

  • As we age, our dental history is culmination of a lifetime of appointments.
  • Neglect and Gum Disease is more evident the older we get.
  • Majority of patients 55 and older have missing teeth as a result.
  • As a result, approx. 55% of adults 65 years and older wear some removable denture.
  • 28% of adults 65 years and older are completely edentulous (toothless)
Utilizing the latest technology, our in-house denture lab at our dental office ensures the highest quality dentures with the best fit.

By processing all the work in our office, we drastically reduce the time it takes to make your custom fitting dentures.

Dentures: Are they supposed to be this way?

  • Many patients with either complete or partial dentures are unaware how dentures should fit.
  • Many ignore the issue due to lack of understanding.  They just "deal with it."
  • Some deal with ill fitting dentures by not wearing them, limiting their nutritional intake.
  • Improperly fitting dentures can lead to other, more serious, health issues

Health Issues related to Poor Fitting Dentures

In-House Denture Lab
  • Nutritional intake is vital in Elderly as many things related to eating can change when we age, this includes:
    • Reduced salivary flow
    • Change in taste and flavors
    • Reduction in appetite 
  • Poor fitting dentures can decrease the ability of Elderly patients to eat well-balanced diets
  • Malnutrition due to limited diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies and weakened overall health and inability to resist other diseases.


What can be done?

  • Patient's with poor fitting dentures usually just "deal with it."
  • Factors leading to this thinking include:
    • Lack of understanding 
    • Ability to see a dental professional including lack of transportation and health issues
    • Indifferent attitude. "What good is it going to do."
  • Application of some dental procedures and patient education may correct issues related to poor fitting dentures and improve

Denture Reline

Denture Reline

  • In many cases, dentures do not need to be replaced, but simply relined.
  • Over time, the jaw that dentures sit on can become blunted and thinner.
  • This change can lead to a poor fitting denture.
  • Rebasing the inside of the denture can provide new life to an existing denture


Partial Denture Relines

  • Partials can be hard to wear when the area that is replacing the teeth does not seat fully on the tissue.
  • Relining the area of missing teeth can make a partial more comfortable and prevent too much torque on teeth that stabilize the partial.

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

  • In some instances, remaking a denture is needed. 
  • These reasons may include:
    • Previous reline(s) performed on existing denture
    • Severe wear of teeth and denture due to age of the denture
    • Fractures and chips that can not be repaired with traditional methods

Julie B. of Puyallup, WA says

In House Denture Lab at Light Dental Studios Before and After Photo

I have worn dentures for over 18 years and I was settled with the fact that dentures just don’t look good or feel good in my mouth.

As a last ditch effort, I thought I would try to see if I could get dental implants at Light Dental Studios to see if I could finally chew food better with my dentures.

The multiple dentists collaborated to come up with the plan to replace my old denture first rather than jumping right into the dental implants.

I am so grateful for their conservative approach that saved me thousands because my new dentures made by the Light Dental Studios In-House Denture Lab are everything I thought dentures couldn’t be. I am now able to eat what I want with my new dentures….and nobody even knows they are not my real teeth!

Interested? We have something even better for you!

If you are in need of denture relines, immediate dentures, or complete dentures, Please contact our Lacey dental office today!

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