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Meet Our Staff

Teresa at Puyallup Campus


Office Manager - Member since 1997

I've had the pleasure of working with Light Dental Studios for over fifteen years. It's been incredible to see how helping our patients achieve their perfect smile can be so life-changing in both how they feel about themselves and how they interact with others. I take immense pride in the quality of care provided in our offices. We all work together as a team for the same goal; to make our patients' experiences enjoyable, educational, and pain free. I love what I do and I hope it shows! I get excited checking our schedule and seeing who will be coming in each day. I look forward to hearing about where life has taken them since our last visit. What makes it even better is that I believe our patients look forward to it too!I'm originally from Tacoma, but currently live in Puyallup with my family. I am fortunate to say I have been married for over 25 years and have two wonderful sons. I am very family oriented and blessed to have them all very close by. There isn't a month that goes by without a birthday, holiday, or sporting event that brings us all together. In my spare time I enjoy visiting with friends, outdoor activities, gardening, or relaxing in the sun with a good book.
**Light Dental Studios Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Katie at Puyallup Campus

Katie, RDA

Executive Administrator - Member since 2018

Katie has been a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) since 2010 and has been a member of the Light Dental Studios team since 2018. You will often find her smiling face and infectious personality at the front desk of the Puyallup office, but as the Executive Administrator for the company, she wears multiple other hats. Along with being a military spouse and mother of four children, she has taken the lead on the successful Light Dental Studios Financial Wellness Program, she is the Light Dental Studios Co-Social Media Coordinator, and is the one and only Light Dental Studios Tooth Fairy, who you can find on the Light Dental Studios YouTube channel.

Currently living in Puyallup, WA she has found a home with Light Dental Studios and has the desire to encourage and develop those around her, passing on her love of Light Dental Studios and its patients to all she meets. You will not find a more welcoming person and she is sure to put your troubles at ease.
2019 Outstanding Team Member of the Year

Lauren at Puyallup Campus

Lauren, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2017

Hello, my name is Lauren and I have recently become a member of the Light Dental Studios team in January of 2017. I am a recent Registered Dental Assistant graduate from Bates Technical College. I have always wanted to be in the dental field as I was inspired by my dental hygienist at a very young age. I decided becoming a Dental Assistant was the right career for me because I love helping people in many different ways throughout my day. Being a dental assistant at Light Dental Studios has been so fulfilling thanks to all of the wonderful patients, friendly coworkers and amazing dentists.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being outdoors and going to the gym.
2018 Outstanding Team Member of the Year



Front Office & Human Resources - Member since 2020

When Stephanie moved from her home state to Puyallup, Washington she was inspired to pursue a career with Light Dental Studios because of their great reputation for exceptional care and customer service. At her previous dentist, they always made her feel warm and welcomed and she hopes to extend that to the patients here. Amazing and personalized customer service has always been a priority of Stephanie’s and although dentistry is a new challenge, she loves this exciting environment and can’t wait to learn more.

In her spare time Stephanie loves exploring her new home state of Washington with her husband, she enjoys the coast and loves watching her niece and nephew compete in their favorite sports!


Hannah, RDA

Front Office & Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2020

Meet Hannah! Hannah was born and raised in University Place Washington and has always loved the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from Life Christian Academy with honors in 2014 and currently has her Associates Degree from Pierce Community College. Hannah has a love for helping people and when she joined Light Dental Studios in August of 2020, she knew she found the perfect place to do so. Hannah loves to laugh and loves making the people around her feel comfortable and at home. She has worked in customer service for many years and has learned how to communicate with patients to make them feel at ease when they are at the dental office.

When Hannah isn’t working you can find her at home practicing on her piano or spending the evening sipping a chai latte with her cat, Flopsy. She loves spending time with family and friends and will find any excuse to host a dinner or game night at her house.



Front Office - Member since 2020

Tasha moved to Washington from Hawaii when she was four years old. She grew up in the Puyallup area and has been going to Light Dental Studios for over a decade. She loved coming in to see everyone so excited to be there and loving their job; it made coming to the dentist enjoyable. Now she's so excited to have the opportunity to be working with such amazing, dedicated people and grow as a person with such an incredible company.

Outside of work, Tasha loves spending time with her pup, exploring Washington, going on hikes, and seeing all the amazing views this beautiful state has to offer!

Stephanie at Puyallup Campus


Front Office - Member since 2015

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I had the privilege to start working with this great team at Light Dental Studios in January 2015. I love working with the wonderful crew here. They are all amazing to work with and are all so passionate about the work we are doing. Having been a part of the LDS family for over 7 years as a patient and now as a team member, I know you will love being a part of the family too. From the amazing girls up front to the wonderful crew in the back, you will know you are getting the best care out there.Aside from work, you can find me outdoors doing any number of activities including hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and more in and around my home town of Eatonville.

Emma at Puyallup Campus

Emma, RDA

Front Office & Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2018

Emma had the privilege to start working at Light Dental Studios in October, 2018. The team that works here are all outstanding and they are so welcoming of everyone who walks through the doors. Emma has loved creating relationships with the doctors, co-workers, and patients and seeing the growth that occurs all around.

You know you will get the best care possible here at Light Dental Studios! When Emma is not working or attending school, you can find her out playing on the soccer field or taking hikes through the beautiful PNW.
2022 Outstanding Team Member of the Year

Terri at University Place Office


Front Office - Member since 2018

Terri recently joined the front office team as surgical coordinator for the University Place l location. She has worked in the dental field as well as Oral and maxillofacial Surgery as a surgical assistant for 18 years.She enjoys helping and caring for patients on a level that provides them with the reassurance that they are receiving the best care available.Believing that there is always a reason to smile and take the time to show kindness to others.

She is proud to be a part of a company that provides excellent service to patients in a way that they feel right at home.Outside the office Terri enjoys working out, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.



Front Office - Member since 2020

Meet Kyia! She has lived in the Pacific Northwest her whole life and cannot think of a better place to call home. Kyia moved to the Puyallup area in search of new opportunities and joined the Light Dental Studios family in June of 2020. With nearly 12 years of customer service experience, she understands the importance of building a deeper connection with the people she serves. Through this experience, Kyia has learned that every day she is given a new opportunity to make someone feel special and seen. The whole team at Light Dental Studios is passionate and energetic about dentistry and high-quality service. You are guaranteed to feel taken care of!

Outside of the office, Kyia enjoys spending time with her family, kayaking, cooking, crafts, and listening to music. She cannot wait to meet you and make you feel special!



Human Resources - Member since 2020

Meet Victoria! Born and raised in Mexico until the age of four and having lived in Tacoma for 22 years, Victoria is excited to have joined such a welcoming team at Light Dental Studios in 2020. She is excited to embark on her career here at Light Dental Studios and to bring her degree in communications from the University of Washington to life! Her goal is to continue providing the exceptional service the company's team delivers and to help generate smiles. Victoria has fond memories of going to the dentist and orthodontist growing up, so she is happy to create that welcoming environment for the patients at Light Dental Studios as she knows how much of an impact the experience can be. Having worked in customer service for over 10 years, she values the relationships she builds with both patients and the staff.

When Victoria isn't working, you can find her at the gym or on a mountain top. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, as well as checking out the latest new restaurants with her loved ones.



Front Office - Member since 2021

Sherrlynda was a stay-at-home mom to a daughter on the spectrum for six years, participating in every therapy available since she was 14 months. She has grown and learned so much right along with her little one. The way her sweet girl sees the world has changed Sherrlynda's perspective in so many ways for the better. As her daughter has gotten older and more capable, it was Sherrlynda's turn to re-join the world and hopefully pass on some of the magic her baby has instilled.

She has worked in customer service for most of her working career and with the compassion and understanding she has gained those years with her daughter, she was excited but nervous to get back out there. Sherrlynda feels so blessed to find Light Dental Studios where she was instantly treated like family. She has never worked for a company so compassionate and driven to not only constantly strive to better itself, but its people too. She is so excited to be on this new journey and confident she found a home and a place she can grow and learn even more.



Front Office - Member since 2021

Meet Victoria! As a Washington native, she has a lot of love for the state and the people who reside in it. She has always loved being a problem solver and building her skills in order to help others in the best way possible. She is thrilled to be welcomed onto the Light Dental Studios team and is excited to start making a difference in patient’s lives.

When she’s not behind her desk, you can find her exploring all of what the PNW has to offer. She enjoys hiking, baking, listening to music, and spending time with loved ones.



Front Office - Member since 2021

Meet Cole! He has lived in the Puget Sound area all his life. Cole grew up being a Light Dental Studios patient and joined the team in the summer of 2021. He is excited to be able to have the opportunity to be able to work for the company and to gain the experience of working with such an amazing team.

Outside of work, Cole enjoys spending time listening to music, hanging out with friends and family, and playing with his two dogs. He is also currently studying at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and working on his bachelor's degree.


Haleigh, RDA

Front Office & Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2022

Haleigh is a Washington native and has lived in Puyallup her entire life, except for the three years that she was fortunate enough to live in England and travel the world. She has always had the drive to be in the dental field. Haleigh has a passion for helping others and the ability to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. She has been inspired by medical professionals and how they help others. The most rewarding aspect of the job for Haleigh is instilling trust and comfort in the people in her care. Haleigh has found her forever home and family here at Light Dental Studios and she cannot wait to meet you!

In her free time, she enjoys playing competitive softball, traveling, watching her niece and nephew compete in wrestling, and spending time with family.



Front Office - Member since 2022

Malaika joined the Puyallup team as a patient care coordinator. Originally from Georgia (with proud Cameroonian roots), she moved to Washington in 2010 and grew up in the Puyallup area. Unlike many, she loved going to the dentist as a child which sparked her interest in the field! Malaika enjoyed playing the cello and tennis in high school, and then leading diversity efforts on her college campus. Having just completed a general AA degree and dental hygiene prerequisites, she will eventually continue studying to become a dentist (although she holds many interests close to her heart).

In her free time, Malaika enjoys spending time with friends, finding new shows/music/books/podcasts to indulge in, going to the gym, biking, songwriting, anything that brings her nostalgia, adventuring and occasionally pretending to be an iron chef. As she begins her journey at Light Dental Studios, she’s most excited to help remodel the idea of the dentist’s office being intimidating and replace the image with that of a caring, pleasurable environment.



Front Office - Member since 2022

Coming soon

Candice at Puyallup Campus

Candice, RDH

Dental Hygienist - Member since 1994

I have been a hygienist for over 20 years and have worked with Light Dental Studios for over 15. I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing dental team. It's been wonderful to be in an environment where our whole team has the same goal: to provide outstanding dental care. Over the years I have developed so many wonderful relationships with our patients and I look forward to catching up with them at each appointment. It is so rewarding to follow each patient's path towards a healthy smile.I live in Bonney Lake and keep busy with my two kids and our dog, Bentley. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, movies, books, cooking, working out, and Seattle sports..."Go Hawks!“

Cindy at Puyallup Campus

Cindy, RDH

Dental Hygienist - Member since 1994

I have been working as a dental hygienist for over 20 years. I knew I wanted to help people as a part of my career. I love working at Light Dental Studios because everyone is so compassionate and caring. We are like a family and we work so well as a team to support one another. We strive to make each patient feel warm and welcome. I enjoy getting to know patients and hear stories about their families. It is so rewarding to treat and educate our patients to achieve optimal oral health. The relationships with my patients make my job so fulfilling.My husband John and I live in Puyallup. Our daughter and son-in law have two wonderful daughters. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, gardening, reading, bible study, and working out. My husband and I enjoy our summer trips to Lake Tahoe. We enjoy hiking, biking, picnicking and time at the beaches while we are there.

Paige at University Place office

Paige, RDH

Dental Hygienist - Member since 2017

Having been born into a military family then finding true love to a military man, Paige has lived in 9 different states and 3 different countries. Getting her start in the dental field at Luke AFB as an assistant, she soon found that Dental Hygiene was her true calling. "I love the relationships and the influence for better oral care that I can affect." Seeing the quality of work that Light Dental Studies exhibits and the care for the community such as "South Sound Free Dental Day" makes me proud to be a member.

Her passions in life are her Lord, Family ( proud mother of 4 children and 8 grandchildren) gardening/quilting ( depending on the weather) and hiking with her lab Coco.

Cindy at Puyallup Campus

Cindy, RDH

Dental Hygienist - Member since 2018

Cindy graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelors in Sociology. She then worked as a Dental Assistant at Lindquist and decided she wanted to pursue a career in Dental Hygiene. She attended Pierce College and graduated with Honors in 2018.

Growing up, Cindy has been influenced by positive hygenists who always made her feel comfortable and at ease while sitting in the dental chair. Likewise, she wants to ensure that her patients feel cared for and understood in order to build lasting relationships.

Cindy loves trying new restaurants with friends and family. She also enjoys watching the lastest movies and keeps up with all the Kardashians.


Ashley, RDH

Dental Hygienist - Member since 2018

Ashley graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Pierce College. As a child, Ashley had extreme dental fear which is what ultimately prompted her to enter the dental field. Her goal has been to give patients outstanding care and make them feel comfortable at each visit. Ashley values the relationships she builds with her patients and loves being part of the LDS team.

When not helping improve smiles, Ashley can be found spending time with her family, especially her new baby. Ashley spends her time outdoors; she loves camping, wakeboarding, and all things fitness. She has spent time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity overseas and hopes to continue volunteering throughout the community.

Ashley at Puyallup Campus

Ashley, RDA

Dental Assistant & Director of Recruiting and Development - Member since 2014

I have been a dental assistant since 2010 and have worked in several offices. I can honestly say that I have found my dental home! What sets Light Dental Studios apart is all our doctors and staff. We are here for the sole purpose of making your dental experience the best! I am always in awe of the time each doctor takes with our patients to educate and work together to find the best treatment plan for them. Every decision is made out of love. Every team member in the company will put a smile on your face because that is just the kind of genuine, amazing people that they are!

In my spare time I enjoy snowboarding, any outdoor activity, and spending time with my family and friends.

Jen at Puyallup Campus

Jen, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2007

I work alongside Dr. Gossler as his assistant, helping with anything he needs to create beautiful smiles for each and every one of our patients.

I have always loved teeth, and believe that a healthy, beautiful smile can really make a person happy. I’m so lucky to be doing what I’ve always wanted to do! When I have free time, I love staying fit and working out.

Sydni at Puyallup Campus

Sydni, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2018

Meet Sydni she recently graduated from Clover Park Technical College, and prior to that, she got her general AA at Pierce College in 2016. Following school, she started her externship at Light Dental Studios and recently joined our family as a dental assistant. While working at light dental studios she has enjoyed forming relationships with her patients and team members. She knew right away this was the right place for her because she believed in helping others becoming better people everyday. Sydni became a dental assistant because she loves to educate patients on how to take care of their teeth, and feel more confident in their smile. We absolutely love Sydni’s energy and enthusiasm for dentistry and for life.

In Sydni’s free time she enjoys hiking, camping and watching movies.


Sienna, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2020

Hello, meet Sienna! She joined the Light Dental Studios team in Puyallup as a sterile technician but grew into her role as a registered dental assistant.

One thing she knows for sure is that Light Dental Studios truly does care about their patients, in all aspects of their life. She admires their commitment to the patient and ais looking forward to learning more!

When Sienna is not at work she likes to roller skate, paint, or spend time with family!


Estefany, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2020

Meet Estefany! She recently graduated from her dental assistant program. After completing her externship, she became a member at Light Dental Studios! Estefany was inspired by her orthodontist when she was young and wants to create the same great experience for our patients.

Estefany loves the outdoors, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.


Alayna, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2021

Meet Alayna, who joined the Light Dental Studios team in 2021. Alayna seeks to use all the experience and training Light Dental Studios has to offer to mold a beautiful and rewarding career. While Alayna is currently a dental assistant, she aspires to become a dental hygienist. Dental hygiene has always been a major interest for Alayna and as a child, her mother was in the clinical field which allowed Alayna to view the beauties of helping people every day. When Alayna found Light Dental Studios she knew this was the right path and team for her!

Alayna's favorite things to occupy her time outside Light Dental Studios include nature as well as music due to the peaceful atmosphere both bring.


Charlize, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2021

Charlize joined the Light Dental Studios team in 2021. As a young girl, Charlize was often surrounded by the dentistry field because she had braces. Charlize has always been fascinated with beautiful smiles and making people smile!

Charlize has raised half her life in Hawaii as a child and the other half in Puyallup, Wa. In her free time, she enjoys painting, trying new foods, and working out.

Charlize plans to apply to the Dental Hygiene program once she finishes her prerequisites at Pierce College. As she is finishing up her classes, she’s been wanting to put her foot through the dentistry doors. She’s eager to learn more about being a dental hygienist and wanting to be surrounded by a dental environment.

Charlize wants to help her community with their dental needs and strive to make her future patients happy! She believes that the most beautiful asset is a smile and she wants to continue to spread it!

Kayla at Puyallup Campus

Kayla, RDA

Sterilization Technician - Member since 2017

Meet Kayla, she joined Light Dental Studios in 2017. She graduated from Clover Park Technical College as a Dental Assistant. One of the reasons she wanted to get into dentistry was to help bring back peoples smiles and help them feel good about themselves again. She believes that if a person is confident with their smile they can be confident in life and maybe spread that positivity to others. In her free time she loves spending time with her two boys, whether that's watching movies together or just playing outside. Music is also another big passion of hers and she loves to sing.


Tiana, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2022

Coming soon


Mallori, RDA

Front Office & Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2022

Mallori was born and raised in Washington state. Growing up she had a lot of dental anxiety and even avoided smiling in pictures. One day she decided she not only wanted to overcome her fears/insecurities but she also wanted to help others who felt the same way learn to love their smiles too! She attended Pima Medical Institute and quickly found out that she absolutely loved being a dental assistant. Mallori is so excited to be a part of this team! It is her goal to provide the best experience to all patients who come into Light Dental Studios!

When the weather allows it you can find her next to the ocean with her toes in the sand. When she’s not working she enjoys being at home with her amazing husband and three crazy dogs and listening to her vinyl collection.


Jenna, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2022

Coming soon


Hailey, RDA

Registered Dental Assistant - Member since 2022

Hailey joined the Light Dental Studios family just last year and has had a blast since. She loves coming to work every day to help patients and team members in all ways possible! Hailey grew up in Puyallup and has never left. Her passion for dentistry stems from memories at the orthodontist, as she had braces for several years. She loves that she could change her teeth and make them perfect for herself, so she strives to do the same for all she encounters in the clinic!

When Hailey is not at the office, she loves to spend time with family and go on adventures!


Greenlee, RDA

Sterilization Technician - Member since 2023

Coming soon



Human Resources Manager

Sydney has been a patient of Light Dental Studios for well over a decade. You could say she loved her dentists so much she came to work with them! She graduated from Western Washington University in 2018 and was recruited out of the dental chair shortly after. Serving as part of the human resources department, the most rewarding part of her job is getting to see her teammates grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. No matter which office patients are at, she trusts they will be treated with the same love, care, and respect that she grew up knowing. That is because Light Dental Studios wants to hear about the story behind the person, taking time to build a relationship with everyone who walks through the door. It is also why if you know her family, you've probably been referred to any of the locations across the Puget Sound!

While most of her time is spent behind the scenes in her role as human resources manager, you will also find her in the Light Dental Media Studio helping publish social media content and on the committees to organize various events that go on within Light Dental Studios such as South Sound Free Dental Day. Her love for the company and what she does grows each year as she takes on these different projects. There is never a dull moment and she is so grateful for the work-family she has!

When not in one of the offices, Sydney enjoys baking and working with her dogs. Any chance she gets, she's spending time at the Olympic National Park or one of the beautiful Washington beaches.

Jan at Bonney Lake Office


Human Resources - Member since 1989

I have worked in the Bonney Lake office for 25 years. We have a wonderful group of team members and doctors that are like family. It's been a privilege to support the clinic operations as well as administration. It brings me a great deal of satisfaction knowing what I do "behind the scenes" helps to lay the foundation for an office that runs smooth so that our patients can feel welcomed and comfortable.I live in Sumner and have been married for 44 years. We have 2 grown children and a 13 year old grandson. We feel very blessed to have our family close by. I enjoy activities with friends and camping. Reading books and watching old movies are a few of my hobbies.



Media & Marketing - Member since 2023

Alina grew up in Austin, Texas, with the film industry as their backyard. By sixteen, they were assisting on Bad Robot and Troublemaker studio productions, and by the time they graduated high school their short films were three-time official selections for the SXSW Film Festival, with the final film presented a Grand Jury award in 2013. They attended Pace University in New York City, graduating in 2017 with a BFA in Acting for Film, Television, Voiceover, and Commercials (and a minor in Creative Writing, because one can simply never be too busy).

Since then, they've worn many hats, finding themselves most drawn to writing, directorial, and editorial roles. They found their way to Washington — and Light Dental Studios — with their eccentric little family in 2022.

Alina can most often be found in the Light Dental Media Studio producing and editing exclusive content for our social media channels. Outside of work, they enjoy picnics, thrifting, mixology, and a wide variety of arts and crafts. They hope to someday become a halfway decent gardener.

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