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Denture Care: Dos & Don'ts

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Remove and rinse your dentures after eating Put dentures back in your mouth without rinsing, especially when using a denture-soaking solution
Soak in approved denture cleaners, such as Polident or Efferdent Soak in mouthwash — this may cause discoloration to the teeth
Brush your dentures AT LEAST once daily, twice if you can. Use room temperature water, a soft-bristled brush, and denture cleaning solution Scrub with toothpaste or other abrasive materials or chemicals. NEVER boil to cleanse — hot water can warp the material, causing permanent damage
Handle with care — dentures can break easily if dropped! Superglue broken pieces together — this may make a simple repair more complex and costly
Take your denture/partial out at night and STORE THEM IN THEIR CASE Put dentures in pockets, on nightstands, or in a paper towel. They may get lost or damaged
Bring your denture/partial to every dentalappointment Skip your annual dental exam EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO TEETH! Your oral health still needs regular evaluation
Call Light Dental Studios if your dentures are causing discomfort, are loose/falling out, or if they appear broken/worn. Our doctors and in-house lab can help the fastest Ignore your own questions, concerns, or emergency repair needs. We want to help you identify problems with appliances before they become expensive

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