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Here at Light Dental Studios, we have an in-house denture laboratory, with skilled technicians who make all dentures right here in our dental office.

In-House Denture Lab

Utilizing the latest technology, our in-house denture lab at our dental office ensures the highest quality dentures with the best fit.

By processing all the work in our office, we drastically reduce the time it takes to make your custom fitting dentures.

Julie B. of Puyallup, WA says

I have worn dentures for over 18 years and I was settled with the fact that dentures just don’t look good or feel good in my mouth. As a last ditch effort, I thought I would try to see if I could get dental implants at Light Dental Studios to see if I could finally chew food better with my dentures. The multiple dentists collaborated to come up with the plan to replace my old denture first rather than jumping right into the dental implants. I am so grateful for their conservative approach that saved me thousands because my new dentures made by the Light Dental Studios In-House Denture Lab are everything I thought dentures couldn’t be. I am now able to eat what I want with my new dentures….and nobody even knows they are not my real teeth!

In House Denture Lab at Light Dental Studios Before and After Photo

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What People Are Saying

I have never felt so welcomed and relaxed at a dentist office. Everyone here is so friendly and accommodating. They really make you feel apart of them. They are beyond willing to make sure you are comfortable and always take the time to understand your needs and expectations.

Christina B. From Yelp

I have never been a fan of dentist they scare me! But from the second I walked in every staff member made me feel welcome and they all made sure my experience was second to none!!! Is it weird im looking forward to going back!

Tami M. From Yelp

Through the whole process, every one of them continually asked if I was okay and asked if there was anything they could do for me. The procedure didn't hurt a bit, thanks to the doctors listening to their patient. A rare find today. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and efficiency of this office!

Loretta L. From Yelp

Amazing! Had an emergency, walked into their office, BOOM! Instantly taken care of and was provided with some of the best care I have ever experienced. Staff is friendly and genuine and their fun! My teeth will definitely see brighter days with this crew!

Nicole M. From Google +

I am kind of a fearful patient. They talk to me and treat me like a person explain everything well. They are reassuring, and let me know if I need a break. They manage my fear.

Andy L. From Google +

Light Dental seems to be much more efficient, with up to date tools and technology than other places my friends go to. I am happy to find a place that can handle both kids and adults, and make our dental experiences easy, and stress free.

Flaig K. From Google +

Great place to go to have your dental experience. I'm relocating to another state and I'm considering flying back to the state of Washington to see this dental office for any future work, cleaning or recommendations. I trust this place and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Leif Q. From Google +

The doctor and the staff are very courteous and extremely professional. They do everything they can to make me feel comfortable during my appointments.

Donna M. From Google +

I am very happy with their services they provide me. I have been to several other dentists but they are the best, I really enjoy my visits in their office.

Owen T. From Google +